Burnouts are fun until the tires burst - I see burnout as the result of the constant ‘on’, the insidious cortisol drip. Our society has lost the balance and we need to bring it back. We need to focus on the mental fitness literacy of all and ride the low highs and high lows of our challenging lives.

When chatting with good friend, Dr Marieke Ledingham recently, she shared some great insight on the subject of Burnout.

“When people become overwhelmed with the stress of their job, often the response is to work harder. However if we use the analogy of driving a car, it is better to shift down to a lower gear, than to accelerate more at high gear. When things get too much, slow down, focus on things you know improve your wellbeing, such as exercise, sleep, leisure time etc. You’ll find you are more productive this way.”

Occupational burnout is the result of stress and or dissatisfaction at work. It’s easy to dismiss symptoms of burnout as a recurring bad day or bad mood that you can’t shake but the truth is that the sooner you realise you’re burnt out the sooner you can get back on track.

In your office right now, how many people are there? Do any of them look, act or seem depressed or dissatisfied? These are all symptoms of burnout and I bet that the people acting this way also seem intimidating or unapproachable right?

So let’s get to business, what are the symptoms of burnout?

  • Unhappy physically
  • Feeling unfulfilled
  • Lack of direction
  • Negative self-talk
  • Poor sleep quality — not waking refreshed
  • Easily stressed
  • Feeling disconnected, isolated or lonely

If you feel yourself experiencing any of these systems, don’t beat yourself up about it. You can start making some small positive changes right now.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Make mindful and healthy food choices
  • Get some fresh air

We can’t just blame a person for creating the unpleasant environment. This is a good time to conduct some root cause analysis on what the problem really is, as trying to fix an out of control person in an out of control environment will not work.

Our book, MindFit is a practical leadership guide you can immediately apply to your own workplace. All levels of management and staff can participate in creating a self-sustaining workplace with a positive culture and unity.

Burn out doesn’t happen in a mentally fit environment, challenge the leadershit.

With more information to share and our book release imminent if you need help now feel free to get in touch.