Blog 4: Surprising New Tricks You Can Learn From Old Dogs: Why You Shouldn’t Let Ageism Limit Your Success

Our society has an unhealthy obsession with youth. Turn on the TV or look at social media and you’ll be bombarded with a whole range of ads telling you that you can’t be happy or successful unless you to look, feel and act younger.

When did ageing become such a bad thing? No one can escape it after all. Our infatuation with youth blinds us to the positive aspects of growing older. The key part of that phrase is “growing”. Age brings wisdom, knowledge and awareness that only a lifetime of experience can deliver.

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Blog 3: Nobody Is Okay All Of The Time - Why We Can’t Afford To Keep Pretending

I have a problem with the term ‘professionalism’.

Not because being professional in the workplace is a bad thing; far from it. Because it implies that everyone has to pretend that they’re okay 100% of the time.

Humans don't work that way.

People have their ups and downs, their good days and bad. When expected to be ‘professional’, people are forced to be ‘pleasantly fake’, to pretend that everything is hunky dory all the time no matter what.

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Blog 2: Poor Mental Fitness Is Costing You Money Right Now! What Are You Going To Do About It?

There’s an elephant in the room in the workplace. It’s awkward and tricky and hard to grasp. Everyone keeps their head down and pretends that it’s not really there, but it’s real.

The uncomfortable truth? That the well-intended focus on mental health and wellbeing in workplaces isn’t resulting in improved wellbeing and sustainable productivity. It’s ironically causing increased stress and job insecurity.

What this means is that a lack of mental fitness — the skills, happiness, thought processes and focus required to do your job well — is costing businesses and individuals lots of money. That probably includes you.

Do you have the courage to do something about it?

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Blog 1: Are you suffering from Burnout?

Burnouts are fun until the tires burst - I see burnout as the result of the constant ‘on’, the insidious cortisol drip. Our society has lost the balance and we need to bring it back. We need to focus on the mental fitness literacy of all and ride the low highs and high lows of our challenging lives.

When chatting with good friend, Dr Marieke Ledingham recently, she shared some great insight on the subject of Burnout.

“When people become overwhelmed with the stress of their job, often the response is to work harder. However if we use the analogy of driving a car, it is better to shift down to a lower gear, than to accelerate more at high gear. When things get too much, slow down, focus on things you know improve your wellbeing, such as exercise, sleep, leisure time etc. You’ll find you are more productive this way.”

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