LinkPADD is the brainchild of two experienced high level managers in a national Australian company, who sought a way to bring all employees in line with the business strategy.

What they noticed was that it was all very well to have a brilliantly designed and documented business strategy but it was next to useless without a way to bring that strategy into the daily work lives of employees and managers. They started to imagine how effectively business goals could be achieved if everyone pulled in the same direction.

To make this possible, the whole business had to become transparent: lines of communication, accountability, roles and job descriptions, KPIs, professional development, projects and functions. What’s more, this ‘map’ of the business had to be interactive, real time, and able to speak to other functions within the business, such as performance management and human resources.

So LinkPADD was born! LinkPADD is a disruptive technology designed to create synergy between your people and your business goals via a 24/7, interactive interface accessible from anywhere on earth. Find out more.